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We have been really excited to introduce to you, a brand new house seats online experience... and now we can. As our customers help us grow, we'll do whatever it takes to make sure your online membership experience is a great one.

Much of the process of getting around and selecting your tickets is the same... we've just cleaned it up a little bit and have made some changes to make it easier.

So what has changed?

  • The Look We have a brand new look much more suitable for 2014. Our old site was in fact 8 years old. Many of the pages around the site are still just how you remember them... only better.
  • Compatibility Easily access your house seats account from your tablet or mobile phone. When a new show is announced that you don't want to miss but you're not near a computer to rsvp, simply pull it up on your device.
  • Account Area We've developed a brand new members account dashboard. Log in to your account have a look. We've made it easier for you to reserve your shows and access your account details all from one handy interface.

What's changes are coming?

  • Faster Access We're still in the process of making your experience better. Soon we'll be merging all the cities into one nice hub at houseseats.com - Accessing your account will be easier than before by choosing your city from a selection when logging in.
  • Even Better Shows More important than anything else is bringing you the best shows possible. In 2014 we'll be working harder than before to bring you the shows you want to see.

What HAS NOT changed?

  • The Reservation Process Browsing and reserving your tickets is just like before... only better. The process is the same as you remember, we've just made it cleaner and easier.
  • The Quality You Expect We're still delivering you the best offerings available as a local in your area, bring you a better and better experience every year.
  • OUR PRICES After 8 years of business, house seats is still providing you with the same prices we started with. Low cost yearly memberships... an unbeatable value.